Yukon Solitaire

The objective of Yukon Solitaire is to move all the cards from the tableau piles onto the foundation piles. Each of the foundation pile holds one suit of cards. The cards must be placed in an ascending order onto the foundation piles starting from Ace and all the way up to King. When all of the cards are arranged in an ascending manner according to their suit then you win the game.

There are only two types of piles in Yukon Solitaire, which are:

The Foundations: These are the four piles in the upper right corner that are to be filled.

The Tableau: These are the seven piles that make the main table, that are to be emptied.


The game is played using one deck of cards only. The foundation piles are empty and the tableau piles are numbered 1-7, starting from the pile which has one card only.

Pile 1 has only one card and no facedown card while the piles 2-7 have n-1 facedown cards where "n" is the number of the pile. For example, Pile 2 has 1 face-down card, Pile 3 has 2 facedown cards, Pile 4 has 3 facedown cards, and so on.

Piles 2-7 also have 5 faceup cards each on top of the facedown cards.

Allowed Moves:

Moving Cards Around the Tableau:

You can move one can and multiple cards at the same around the tableau even if the multiple cards are not ordered.

To move a single card, the card on which you are going to place your card must be of a different color, and one rank higher than your placing card. For example, you can move 5 of black onto 6 of red.

To move multiple cards, even when they are not ordered, the bottom card of your moving pile must be of a different color and one rank lower than the card on which you are placing. For example, you can move 5 of black (bottom card), 7 of red, and Queen of red onto 6 of red. The bottom card, 5, is one rank lower and different color than 6, which is the placement card.

If there is an empty pile on the tableau then only a king can be placed there.

Moving Cards to Foundations: You can move the top cards from the tableau to the foundations in an ascending order starting from Ace all the way up to King. The cards can be either drag and placed or double-clicked to move from Tableau to Foundations.

Moving Cards from Foundations: The top card of any foundation pile can be moved back to the tableau. This isn't useful in many cases but in some cases, it helps to complete the game.

Flipping a facedown card: If you have moved all of the face-up cards from a tableau pile such that the top card is faced down then you can click on that faced down card to flip it up.

Unlimited Undos: The game has no limited over undos and you can undo your moves as many times as you want to, however, each undo counts as a new move.

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