Klondike Solitaire

Klondike Solitaire consists of 4 types of different piles, which are:

The Stock: This is the pile of cards which is located in the upper-left corner. It consists of 24 cards in total, out of three cards which can be turned up at a time by clicking on the Stock, these are dealt from the Stock to the Waste.

The Waste: Right-next to the Stock, there is the Waste pile, which is empty at the start of the game and the cards from the Stock are dealt to the Waste.

The Foundations: These are the four piles that are located in the upper-right corner of the screen. At the begging of the game, these piles are empty. These are the piles on which the suits are built in ascending order starting from Ace, all the way up to the King.

The Tableau: These are the seven piles below the foundations and make up the main playing table. At the start of the game, each pile contains "n" number of cards, with "n" being the number of the pile. For example, 1st pile contains 1 card only, 2nd pile contains 2 cards, 3rd pile contains three cards, and so on. The first card of each pile is faced up while the rest are placed face down.


Klondike Solitaire consists of a single deck of cards, out of which 24 cards are in the Stock while the remaining 28 cards are placed on the tableau piles.


The objective of the game is to win it by moving all the cards from the tableau to the foundations. The 4 Foundations piles represent one suit each. The cards must be arranged according to their suit and rank in descending order, starting from the Ace and moving up to the King. When all of the four suits of cards are arranged according to their suit and rank, the game is considered to be won.

Allowed Moves:

Moving Cards Around the Tableau: The top card of each pile can be moved around the tableau only if the cards are of different colors and there is a difference of 1 rank between the cards(descendingly). For example, you can move the 6 of Black onto the 7 of Reds.

Moving Cards from the Waste to Tableau: The top card of the Waste Pile can be moved to tableau piles in a similar way as mentioned above i.e the cards are of different colors and there is a difference of one rank between the cards. For example, you can move a 3 of red from the top of the Stock to the 4 of black on any of the tableau pile.

Empty Pile: Only a King can be moved to an Empty Pile.

Cards from the Stock: The cards from the stock are dealt to the Waste from where they can be played.

Unlimited Undo: You can undo your moves as many times as you want to. The game offers unlimited undos, with each of the undo counting as a new move.

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