Scorpion Solitaire

Scorpion Solitaire consists of three different types of piles, which are:

The Tail: This is the pile of cards that you can find in the upper left corner.

The Body: These are the seven piles that you find on the main table or the piles which make the tableau.

The Head: These are the piles that you can find above the body or the main table.


The game consists of a single deck only. The tableau is set up in a manner that each pile has 7 cards. The first three cards of the first four piles are placed face down while the rest are not. This makes a total of 49 cards and the remaining 3 cards are placed face down onto the tail pile.


The objective of the game is easy and to win Scorpion Solitaire, you need to build 4 piles on the main table in descending order from King all the way down to the Ace. The cards must be of the same suit. For example, King Queen Jack 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 Ace (Hearts).

Allowed Moves:

Moving Cards Around the Tableau:

Any arrangement of cards can move from the top of one pile to another pile if both the placing and placement cards are of the same suit and the placement card is one above the placing card. For example, you can move 6 of spades to 7 of spades or Queen of Hearts to King of Hearts.

You can also move multiple cards around if the placing and placement cards follow the aforementioned rule and other cards don't i.e both the cards belong to the same suit and there is a difference of one rank between both the cards. For example, you can move a pile which consists of 9 of hearts, 3 of hearts, and 9 of diamonds onto 10 of hearts.

If there is an empty pile on the tableau then you can place only the Kings on those empty piles.

Cards from the tail:

The remaining three cards of the deck can be dealt to the first three piles on the main table. The cards from the tail are for situations when you are left with no possible moves on the table.

Face Down Cards:

If at any point in the game the face-down card is exposed to the top of the pile then it is automatically flipped face-up by the game.

Undo Moves:

You can undo your moves as many times as you want to. The game offers unlimited undos.

Completed Runs:

Once you have completed a run of a particular suit, e.g All the cards of Hearts are arranged in a descending manner from King to Ace then the cards will automatically to the Head piles. This clears up space on the main table or the body, making it easier for you to form the remaining runs.

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