Golf Solitaire

Golf Solitaire is played using one deck of cards only. Each of the Seven Columns contains 5 faced up cards, 1 card is placed on the waste, and the remaining are placed face down on the stockpile.

Golf Solitaire consists of three different piles that are:


The Seven Columns: These are the seven main piles that make up the main table. Each of the Seven Columns contains 5 cards.

The Waste: This is the pile that is present at the bottom left side.

The Stock: This is the pile card of the card that is present at the bottom right side, next to the Waste. It is used to draw cards from and then put those cards on the waste.


The objective of the Golf Solitaire is to move all the cards from the main table piles or Seven Columns onto the waste. The game is won if all the cards have been moved from the Seven Columns piles onto the Waste. If there are no possible moves left and no cards left on the Stock then the game is lost.

Allowed Moves:

Moving Cards from Columns to the Waste: You can move only one card at a time i.e the topmost card of each column. You can move any card from the Columns pile to the Waste if the card is one rank higher or lower or one rank lower than the topmost card on the Waste. For example, if the topmost card of the Waste is 6 then you can move a 5 or 7 to the Waste.

Cards from the Stock: If there are no cards that can be moved from the Columns to the Waste then you can get a card from the Stock, which will be moved to the Waste. You can go through the stock only one time, there is no reset allowed.

Unlimited Undos: The game allows you to undo your move as much as you want to. You can undo your move an unlimited amount of times, however, each undo counts as a new move. So, if you want to finish the game in fewer moves then keep this in mind that each undo will count as one move.

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