Chessboard Solitaire

Chessboard Solitaire consists of two types of piles which are:

The Foundations: These are the four empty piles at the top of the screen above the main table.

The Tableau: These are the 10 piles that contain all the cards, faced-up.


The objective of Chessboard Solitaire is to move all the cards from the tableau onto the foundation piles but Chessboard Solitaire is a variant of Solitaire where you can choose the base of the foundation cards yourself. The first card that you move from the tableau onto the foundations becomes the base for the other three foundation piles too.


The Chessboard Solitaire game is played using a standard deck of 52 cards only, where the foundation piles start off empty and all the cards are placed face-up onto the tableau piles.

Two of the tableau piles start with 6 cards while others start with 5 cards only.

Allowed Moves:

Moving Cards Around the Tableau:

The cards can only be moved around the tableau if the placing card is one rank higher or lower and of the same suit as that of the other card. For example, you can move a 7 of Diamonds onto a 6 of Diamonds or 9 of Hearts onto 8 of Hearts as both are of the same suit and there is a difference of one rank between them.

Moving Cards to the Foundations:

The cards can be moved from the tableau to the foundations in a sequence only. The first card that you move to the foundations becomes the base of all the other cards and you can then place cards on it in ascending order given that it is of the same suit. There is no requirement to start off the foundation piles with Aces.

Let's say, you move 10 of Hearts to a foundation pile. The base of all the other foundation piles also becomes 10 of each suit and you can then follow up by placing Jack, Queen, King, and so on.

If the top card of a foundation pile is King then you can follow it up by Ace and then 2, 3, 4, and so on.

The cards should be in ascending order and of the same suit.

Unlimited Undos:

The game offers unlimited undos and you can undo every of your move. There is no limit over how many times you can undo your moves.

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